6 - Ryan Johnson's Star Wars Prequel Rumors



It is a period of hope: the late 1990s!

A student at the Liverpool Institute For Performing Arts, CONNOR RATLIFF is tasked with creating a web page to promote himself as an actor.

This leads to the unlikely creation of a fictional character with a name that would someday become legendary in ways that even a Jedi master could not have predicted.

Meanwhile, half a world away, veteran stage actor HOLMES OSBORNE's career is ascendant, thanks to an opportunity given to him by TOM HANKS in his feature film debut as writer/director, That Thing You Do! Soon enough, he would be revealed to the world as DONNIE DARKO'S FATHER.

Little do they know that a young man named RIAN JOHNSON has just begun a 7-year journey to make a movie of his own, the success of which would set in motion a chain of events that would transform him into one of the most powerful filmmakers in the galaxy...

More than two decades later, a mysterious podcast reveals the ways in which these seemingly unrelated figures are connected. Connor, obsessed with his firing from Band of Brothers, enlists his friend, Syfy's JACKIE JENNINGS, to help him unpack the myriad ways that their fates are entwined, in his unending search for ANSWERS...

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