Finding Natasha

Message Heard

In the early 70s, Debbie Gayle was one of Britain’s most promising young ballerinas. At the age of 17, she was chosen to go to the Soviet Union and become the first Westerner to train at Russia’s finest ballet academy. It was a dream come true for her, but just a few months later, things took a near deadly turn for her. She made it out of the country thanks to a young girl named Natasha who she never saw or heard from again. In Finding Natasha, Debbie’s son Jake Warren – a journalist and podcaster – sets out to understand the story of his mum’s past, and to find the woman who saved her 50 years ago. Finding Natasha is a Message Heard production.

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  • Why are we trying to find Natasha? Series Trailer

    In 1974, a young woman saved the life of up-and-coming prima ballerina, Debbie Gayle – never to see each other again. Fifty years later, Debbie’s son, journalist Jake Warren, sets out to find her. 
  • Part 1: A Myth and a Dream

    Jake Warren explores a family myth about a mysterious woman in his mum’s past, and begins his search for her. Debbie Gayle recounts her difficult childhood and her dreams of ballet stardom. 
  • Part 2: Enter Natasha

    Debbie travels to Russia and things go downhill quickly. Jake makes an important discovery.   
  • Part 3: Isolation

    A simple mistake marks the beginning of the end of Debbie’s dreams in Russia. Jake gives his mum some much-needed good news. 
  • Part 4: Home Sweet Home

    Debbie returns home and renounces her past. Fifty years later, Jake prepares his mum to confront it.   
  • Part 5: Don’t Cry, Debbie

    Debbie hears the other side of the story, and Jake has one more surprise for her.